Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More guests

Yesterday afternoon, before I even had time to start missing them, four folks from 4 Seasons dropped by. Donny and Donna and Don and Mary had come over to enjoy some seafood for Valentines day and while they were in the neighborhood they were nice enough to stop by and say hi. Quite amazing in 24 hours I've seen 8 old friends from Zapata. 

Today I'm looking for a visit from Barney of The Old Fat Man Adventures Blog. Barney is a full-timer too and we track each others adventures through our blogs. Normally we are close enough a couple of times a year to do a face to face visit.

This mornings walk took me down the road along the coast a bit. I discovered another RV park that doesn't seem to be listed in any of the guides. Further study will be required to find more about this place. I also spent some time in the county park next door looking at the twisted shapes of the oak trees and thinking how tough they  have to be to survive in this salt air and sea winds. There was also a large herd of birds that had stopped by for breakfast.

Birds feeding under the twisted oaks.

It looks like fresh seafood at one of the nearby restaurants will be in order for lunch as Barney and I enjoy the good life.

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