Thursday, April 8, 2010

Early start

This morning started at 5 am. The idea was to make my miles and be off the road by 11 am for the Cardinals baseball game. Mission accomplished. We are now in Balmorhea, Texas at the Saddleback Mountain RV park. We have stayed here each of the last two years and two years ago this is where Mr. Datastorm was installed.  There is a nice view of the mountains from Mel's window and a nice quite place to hang out for the day.
A view of the mountains from my site.
Another view.

Now it's time to watch the Cardinals win their third in a row (I hope) and keep busy enjoying the good life.


  1. Did you swim in the swimming pool. We hope to do that some time when we are in the neighborhood. It's been a miserable day here in MO but a least the sun has been out. Sorry about your cardinals!!!

  2. 72 degrees here today, not a good day to dunk in a spring fed pool.

  3. John
    glad to see you on the go will your travels lead you this way at all

  4. Nikkibow is still looking for you .
    were did he go?????

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  6. I'm the first anonymous....can't believe you didn't take a dip in the pool....


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