Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/22/2014 - 8/27/2014

It rained all night so there wasn't much activity around here. I touched base with a couple of friends on the phone and worked on the computer a bit.
Cardinals lost so the whole day was a wash out.

Loren dropped by for a quick visit in the morning and then it was laundry time.  Completed a couple of loads and by the time I got finished and everything hung and folded it was time for baseball.
Good result as the Cardinal's won in extra innings right at midnight.
Phillies win another one.

Another quiet day watching the clouds float by the mountains. Overcast a good part of the day and then rain in the evening.
Cardinals finally win a game.

A rain day so nothing much was accomplished. The Cardinals moved to Pittsburgh and decided to win a game.

Disturbing news from my old park J-5 in Mission Texas. Some of my old friends in a park model have been ordered out of the park by the owners who refuse to discuss reasons with them. I had hopes the park was going to improve, but I see things going the other way.

More rain today. Loren dropped by and we took a run to Wal-mart so I could pick up a prescription and a couple of grocery items. So nice of him to do this so I could remain in my parking place without unhooking. We them visited for awhile before he had to go pick up his wife from her exercise class.

Watched Ian and his wife depart the Park this morning. He and his wife have been here off and on for several years. They have made the decision to sell their motorhome and jeep and return to their native England. Putting the full-time lifestyle behind them. Loren and Marilyn were here for the sendoff. 

The Cardinals played an afternoon game, but it didn't change their luck as they managed to lose another one.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, Loren and I plan to go to the Salinas Pueblo Missions to see what we can see.


  1. I, too, was hoping J-5 was doing a turn around. When you were there last, it sounded like lots of good improvements were being made and a more positive environment was developing. So sorry to hear that it just isn't so.

    1. The words were good, but the actions don't seem to be there and of course actions speak louder.

  2. I made it to Gran Quivera a couple of years ago. It was better than my wildest imagination. There are no services anywhere close to Gran Quivera. Make sure your camera battery is fully charged. I hope to go see the other two locations this year but we will see what happens. Have fun.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Traveled through the area a bunch, but never stopped. Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. So that's where our rain went. Since you don't seem to enjoy it much we will gladly take it back.

    1. I'll try to send it back to you, it's trying to rain right now.


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