Sunday, June 1, 2014

5/27/2014 - 6/1/2014

This morning it was a trip to the friendly doctors office to leave a supply of blood for my 6 month review. A new twist this trip was a urine test and I hadn't even studied. Blood was drawn, a cup was handed to me the lab tech told me I was free to go. I asked her if she meant in the cup or home, but I guess it was too early in the morning cause I left her with an odd look on her face.
Not much else the rest of the day other than the Cardinals won and we made it to 103 degrees here.

With a sudden burst of energy I began the process of getting ready to get under way in a month. After sitting since October a lot of details need to be addressed before getting under way and I thought it would be easier to get things done over the next couple of weeks before I headed to Hannibal. I began by cleaning out the refrigerator and doing my second least favorite job, right behind laundry. I got out the hair dryer and defrosted the refrigerator. That done I began finding storage space for things that have been laying out since I got here. I also got out the laptop with the despised Windows 8 program and got it ready to travel by doing the 77 updates that had accumulated since I last used it last October. There is still a lot to do, but at least I've started and I'll wait for the next burst of energy.

A trip to Walmart was the way to start the day. When I got back to the park I noticed activity by the gate as I came. Two of the older units that weren't in very good shape have been asked to vacate the park and they are busy preparing for the move today.

Giants beat the Cards.

Spent some time emailing back and forth with Millenicom to troubleshoot why the network speed had been down the last couple of days. The problem was determined to be a carrier problem that they hadn't detected yet and once they rebooted and I rebooted we were good to go.

Jack and Cathy stopped by for a visit this evening and are settled into and happy with their new home. Anyone who needs a nice 5th wheel they still have one for sale.

Cards got hammered with their ace on the mound. I feel a shake up coming.

I got a call this morning from the doctor. This is normal procedure to remind me of the appointment I had scheduled for Tuesday, but todays call advised me the doctor was going to be gone Tuesday and asked me to come in on Monday. That will finish up this round of medical appoints and I should be good to go until the fall.

Today we slipped into the weekend mode and with a ball game at 1 pm and a thermometer heading toward 100 degrees I think it will be a good day to enjoy the air conditioning.

Quite day in the park today. The only activity was a visit with Earl and Janie who arrived from Missouri to do a few upgrades to their mobile home. They expect to be here about a week. I also had a chance to watch the Cardinals take it on the chin again. Nice an quiet day for the most part.


  1. Angie and I got to watch the Thursday game in seats right behind home plate. Good view, good game but not a good outcome. Hopefully June;s game will be better

  2. I always hated the cup deposit without a chance to practice first:)

  3. These temps are not very nice at all. I need to get some business taken care of and hopefully lead to a more promising way to travel.

    1. I've got about 15 days before I move. I'm ready.

  4. I'm impressed that you have a hair dryer. I guess you're in touch with your feminine side, but then remembering you were in the Navy, that sort of makes sense... :cD

    1. It's not a hair dryer, it's an ice melter. Happens to look like a hair dryer.

  5. Looking forward to hearing of the new adventures of Enjoying the Good Life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

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  7. You handle all the excitement around there very well...supervising road repair, people getting kicked out...aren't you exhausted?

    We have to have a checklist when we sit for any lenghr of time. Our memories aren't what they used to be.

    1. I found, over the years, that supervising is a lot easier than actually doing something.


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