Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/25/2014 - 4/29/2014

A very uneventful day. It started with a box of mail. This resulted in a couple of hours of sorting things out and dealing with paperwork. 

Then I made a stop by the dermatologist office to get the results of my biopsy or as I call it the 'I've got a mortgage to pay cutting', results were negative and the hole in my hand is repairing itself.

A stop at Walmart insured vittles for the weekend and then it was up the street to enjoy a final get together with some folks who are leaving in the morning.

Then it was back home to watch the Cardinals win and complete another day in God's waiting room.

Cleaned up the processing of the rest of the mail this morning and then watched the Cardinals lose another one.

In the evening I went to visit with some of the last hangers on and ended up talking until late in the evening.

 An early morning trip to the laundry prevented tomorrow being declared 'clothing optional day'.

Then it was back home to watch the thermometer soar and the Cardinals finally found their bats.

After that a spin around town in the Fiesta to check the mileage. Currently I'm getting 31.5 mpg and that has been all stop and go city driving. As I passed by Long John Silvers a seafood platter jumped into the car and begged me for a ride back to Mel.

Back home I note that the temperature reached 110 today. I guess summer is on us.

Today started with a trip to Spikes Ford to pick up my second key and the owners manual for my new wheels. As I explained to them I knew I could access the manual on-line, however at my age by the time I walked out to the car the information I'd just gained was lost.

We are enjoying another warm one today and it has already reached 103.

A new development. After hanging on my window all winter long the birds have finally discovered my feeder and the have apparently spread the word to their friends because, at times there is a line and I've noticed some pushing and shoving around the feeder. 

Today birds continue to flock to the recently discovered feeder and the neighborhood is all a twitter with excitement. Hours of entertainment were provided right outside my window as freeloaders, one right after another, showed up for the handout. The highlight of the day was watching the flying rat (pigeon) try to figure out how to get a bite to eat. He would continually land on top of the feeder and look down at the seeds, but he never did quite figure out how to enjoy a snack.

Sure looks good.

Must be a way!
 And the drama continues.


  1. Great news about the biopsy. Glad the hole in your hand is healing nicely.

    We have a birdfeeder just like that. I love watching the birds feed. Bella loved it even more than I.

    110! I don't remember it getting that hot this early in the year. I'd say close are optional.

    1. I'll bet Bella is thinking...smorgasbord.
      I'm sure clothing optional would empty out this park even more.

  2. Negative biopsies are news to be celebrated. But your heat is not. I agree with Marsha - clothes should be optional in that heat.

  3. Good news on the biopsy. Even better news about the new manual, now you'll know where to sit in the car.

    I wonder how many trees they need to cut just to make the paper for all the warning pages? :c)

    1. Paul, it's the age we live in, The manual was 90% warning pages. The good news is I now know I can't take a nap after engaging the cruise control.

  4. April 30, 2014

    Birds continue to flock to the recently discovered feeder because the neighborhood is
    reduced to only a few or one feeder out tuere with seed


    1. Right you are, everyone has bailed out and headed north.

  5. Your reaching 110*, and where I'm at in Bartlesville, OK, it's going to be in the 30's tonight. I think I'm heading the wrong direction.

    1. The seasons seemed to be confused. we did 60 overnight and it's been more springlike today.

  6. Happy to hear your biopsy was all good. You sure have been busy this past week. Those doves are sooooo dumb and dirty. But to see the little Sparrows and other little birds is entertainment.

    1. A bag of feed provides lots of cheap (or cheep) entertainment.

  7. Wonderful news about the biopsy - one less thing to worry about. :)

    That's not a pigeon, I think it's a White-winged Dove. They are very sweet birds.

    110 degrees? WOW, that's hot. I guess when you live in it for a while you get acclimated? Whew. I guess I'd have to turn on the A/C. :)

  8. I was pretty sure my bird identification was probably not correct. I can recognize a (St. Louis) Cardinal, but that's about it.
    I promise you the 110 degree day brought on the air.


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