Friday, February 21, 2014

2/16/2014 - 2/21/2014

A very quiet day here at the ranch. The new king and queen were crowned last night and they had a parade today to celebrate their coronation. I was out and didn't get back until it was over.

Enjoying the weather and the ability to get out of the cabin and walk around the park without freezing. I think we might have put winter behind us, At least in this part of the country.

I was all geared up to watch Indiana play Iowa tonight when I found the game had been cancelled after a beam fell from the ceiling into the seats. The person whose seat this metal fell on should be thanking their lucky stars it didn't happen a few hours later.

Today was donate blood for testing day. They stopped just short of 3 vials and should be able to run every test know to man with the quantity drawn. Results of the drawing will be next Monday and I don't think I have to be present to win.

Lunch today at the Riverview Club. Eight of us gathered and I got my tenderloin fix. They were extremely busy today. They run a cruise boat on the Rio Grande River and on Thursday's they run two cruises back to back. A one hour cruise followed by a two hour cruise. A lot of the cruisers decided to eat before cruising and the three waitresses on duty were swamped. The tenderloin was still worth waiting for and I have my fix for another month.

A trip to Walmart was todays excitement. A few groceries to fill the pantry and a couple of dollars for the billfold.
Then it was a wait for the FedEx man. My Brother-in-law Mike put me onto a new black tank chemical that got great reviews on Amazon.  Late in the afternoon the container arrive and I will begin the test tomorrow.

Guaranteed to make me a Happy Camper...I hope.


  1. As many times as we have been in that area, we have yet to do the cruise. Need to add that to our list for next year.

    I am also so glad that beam decided to drop before the game. What a terrible outcome it would have been if it had waited a few more hours.

    1. You are right about the beam. It destroyed the seat it hit and damaged 4 more.

  2. I've hear about rabid fans, but rabid beams are a new thing, aren't they? Glad to hear things are warming up there, John. We had our first sunny afternoon, with no rain (at least it's hard to remember when the last time was). We took the doggies on a nice walk around the Delta Ponds. Lots of geese there already squabbling over nesting sites, and buds on the trees...both a sure sign of Spring (I hope!). When you've suitably reviewed that Happy Camper stuff, let us know how you like it. Do you eat it, drink it, or put it directly into the tank?

    1. In Oregon when they yell duck everyone cheers, in Indiana they take cover.
      I suppose if Happy Camper is ingested you wouldn't be.

  3. I'm surprised to hear you're not already a happy camper... :cO

  4. I certainly hope you are a winner on Monday when the results are in. Whoever had that seat is already a winner because they weren't there when it fell. Sure hope they're checking out the rest of the beams.

    1. I think that ticket holder should buy a lottery ticket.


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