Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week of 11/24/2013

Sunday - 11/24/2013
Another chilly, rainy day here in the Valley. we just barely made it to 50 degrees for a high. Picked up my mail yesterday and found a shocker from park management in the form of my electric bull. My bill was $157.80 for the month of November. In six years of fulltiming the highest previous bill was in the $80.00 range. This will be addressed in the morning.

Staying up last night to watch the Bronco's ended up in me going to bed disappointed as they managed to loose in overtime on a rookie mistake by a veteran.  

Monday - 11/25/2013
As promised the rest of the story from 50 years ago. It was Sunday afternoon before our ship was finally allowed to stand down and five of us who had liberty coming got permission to make the 200 mile trip to Washington D.C. We didn't get away from the ship until late in the evening and reached Washington about 2:00 am. We parked and headed for the Capitol rotunda where the presidents body was lying in state only to find that the line was 8 hours long. Knowing that the funeral was going to start at 8:00 am we were about to head elsewhere when we had the good fortune to run into some other military folks who had just been through the rotunda and told us about a special stairway the gave military men in uniform direct access to the rotunda. After rendering honors at the casket we then proceeded to Lafayette Square directly across from the White House to watch the funeral procession leave for Arlington Cemetery. Not only where we able to see the Kennedy family, but, as I recall, some 56 heads of state were in attendance. It was probably the most impressive thing I've ever attended in my life. By the time we got to the ship we were about two day short of sleep, but I would have done it again in an instant.

Another sub-normal day with no sun and the temperature reaching 48. 

Made a trip to the office and apparently the manager has made previous mistakes in the readings because she was quick to cut the bill in half with the caveat that it should balance out next month.

With the fine weather we have been having I decide it was time to clean out the bedroom closet and drawers. I will be making a trip to Goodwill tomorrow with about half the contents of the bedroom storage. I sure have a lot of room available now. Some of the things haven't been out of the closet since I began RVing 6 years ago and I think they were delighted to see the light of day.

Tuesday - 11/26/2013
Today there has been a concerted attempt by the weather people to blow us into Mexico. The thermometer did climb to 63, but with the wind blowing at 20+ miles per hour out of the northwest it never felt too warm. I did refill the propane tank this morning, for some reason the colder it is the quicker the propane disappears. 

Today was the medicine cabinets turn to be cleaned out and it now has an abundance of room. If I ever find out who keeps filling these cabinets they are in trouble.

Wednesday - 11/27/2013 
This morning was highlighted by a trip to Wal-mart to pick up a prescription refill and a few vittles so I won't have to go back for a week or so. There are already campers at the store getting ready to save a few pennies on Thursday night. I don't think any offer would tempt me enough to do this. Part of this is a result of my years with J C Penney's where I learned to cringe at the mention of Black Friday.

The rest of the day was spent preparing to over eat and watch a lot of football.

Thursday - 11/28/2013

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving

Friday - 11/29/2013
On this day in history nothing happened on this spot. I proclaimed a day of rest.

Saturday - 11/30/2013
Another big day in football with the Indiana Hoosiers capturing the Old Oaken Bucket and The Missouri Tiger winning the SEC western Division. The only blemish on the days games was my father's favorite team, The Notre Dame Irish, going down to defeat on what would have been his 94th birthday.

We have begun to warm back up to normal here in the Valley and the week promises to continue the trend. Into the 80's today. Which is the way it should be.


  1. That's a big electric bill - sure hope it does balance out next month. Enjoyed your story about the visit to the rotunda. What a terrible time in history but nice that you got to pay your respects in person.

    1. The trip through the rotunda will always be a special memory.

  2. I've been through the rotunda many times, it is an amazing place. It must have been something with President Kennedy's casket surrounded by the Honor Guard. I've seen the pictures, but to see it in person must have been amazing. A very sad, lifetime memory.

  3. I can't believe you got to attend President Kenndey's funeral. You can bet I want to hear more about this when we see you next year! What an experience.

    I am shocked you went into Walmart the day before Thanksgiving. Paul has I tolerance for shopping the day before any holiday. That includes Labor day!

    Yesterday was one of the best days for watching football I can remember in a very long time. Those kids played their hearts out.

    1. The only reason I went shopping was I didn't have enough Dr. Pepper to make it through the weekend. Surprisingly it wasn't busy at all.
      Lots of good games yesterday and the Bronco's are doing well today.

  4. What a memory you have of visiting the the funeral and seeing the Kennedy family.
    The weather you had was like outs and by mid week we will drop into the mid 50's. Guess I won't get that camping trip in this week either.

    1. It was a good memory of a sad time.
      You can keep that cool weather, no need to send in on.

  5. Live and learn. I didn't know you were able to witness JFK's funeral. As you probably saw we had a great Turkey Day. Nothing better than celebrating the birth of a new grandchild. Hope all is ok with you.

    1. You're never to old to learn.

      I did see the addition to your family. So happy for Denise.

  6. An amazing story about President Kennedy!

    We always take a picture of our electric meter when we check into a site charging for electricity. That eliminates any question about proper readings :-)

  7. You were fortunate to be a part of the Kennedy mourning in person. I remember watching TV and being so depressed by the whole episode.

  8. Nice to hear that you are also a person who attended the president funeral. Sounds you had a wonderful week...


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