Monday, November 11, 2013

Week of 11/10/2013

Sunday - 11/10/2013
Today was maintenance day. First it was get the flag up and lighted for Veterans Day tomorrow. Then my sanitary engineering duties took the forefront and it was time to dump the tanks. This was followed by two loads of laundry before I settled in for an afternoon of football. Best part of the day, the Broncos won another one.

Monday - 11/11/2013
Veterans day is today and repeating the tradition of this blog for the last several years I add It's a Pittance of Time.

This morning I went to the dedication of the Veteran's War Memorial of Texas. This park recounts all the wars of the United States and is capped off by a 105 foot Spire of Honor in black granite. Some scenes from the day.

The Spire

The McAllen High School band and chorus.

The elementary school kids, each carrying a flag.

The veterans arriving from the Veterans Home and the current military assisting them to their seats.

 A 21 gun salute.

and Taps.

From there it was back to J-5 for the dinner the Recreation Association put on for Veterans Day.

A busy Veteran's Day.

Tuesday - 11/12/2013
Not a lot going on today but someone sent me this video and I just felt the need to share. Hope it brings a smile to you face.

Wednesday - 11/13/2013
Where the mercury go? This morning the thermometer bottomed out at 44 degrees and the high for the day only made it to 61. The first business of the day was a trip to my regular doctors office to draw blood for my regular physical next week. Then it was back home and a day in front of the computer and TV. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow and back to normal by the weekend.

Thursday - 11/14/2013
Another gloomy day here in the valley. It has been overcast all day and we only made it to 66 after starting out at 44. Not much accomplished on a day like today, but the weather person promises clearing and 81 tomorrow.

Friday - 11/15/2013
Not much to report. We have had more arrivals here at J-5 and more arriving every day. The weather has improved and we were back in the 80's today. A good day for renewing friendships.

Saturday - 11/16/2013
Into the weekend mode we go. Only one of my teams was playing today and they go hammered. I did make the rounds of the park a couple of times so all was not lost. 90 degrees for a high today, that's more like what we expect around here.


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