Sunday, August 4, 2013

The ride

Yesterday I made the 50 mile run to East Carson City to board the Virginia Truckee train for Virginia City. Here is what I saw.

The location of the depot in the foothills.

Our carriage arrives.

Letting off some steam.

And the crowd ques up for the boarding.

We start our climb up the hill.

Two tunnels in route.

Rising out of the valley.

Very sparse country.

Lots of smoke pulling the grade.

The valley below.

More grades to pull.

And the valleys get deeper.

The Gold Hill Hotel (center left).

Approaching the Gold Hill depot.

and rounding the curve.

This is the sharpest curve on the line at 17%.

an old mine operation.

and our first view of Virginia City.

Tomorrow we'll walk the streets of Virginia City. Ball game this afternoon and more of the enjoying of the good life.


  1. So you are staying in Virginia City and then coming back later? Is it an overnight? That really sounds like fun. :)

    1. No, it was all done yesterday, just too many pictures to post in one day.

  2. I want you to do a comparison of all your train rides. The good, the bad, and the wonderful.

    1. There is no such thing as bad train ride. I've got one more ride this year at the Grand Canyon railway. I'll do a summary after I finish for the summer.

  3. I've been to Virginia City a number of times, but I didn't realize there was a train ride. The road going down has a great view of Reno and I think of Mt. Rose near Tahoe. Can't wait to read about and see your pictures, tomorrow.

    1. There are lots of views from the area of Virginia City, beautiful country.

  4. I'm beginning to think you likes riding the rails...

  5. I feel like I am taking a trip back to the old wild west. Hope you have your spurs on.

  6. Donna and I rode the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams to the Grand Canyon, and it was a very fun ride. I drove the Sienna from Williams to the Grand Canyon the next day, and got pulled over for speeding on a down grade. They wouldn't accept my train ticket, but gave me a speeding ticket instead.

  7. Thanks for taking us along. Love to ride trains.

  8. Replies
    1. Another train checked off my list. One more to go this summer.


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