Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Odds and ends

Today I'm posting the last of the pictures from Virginia City and the train ride on the Virginia Truckee Railroad. Virginia City at its peak had approximately 25,000 people which made it a large sized city for its time. Current population 890. Here's the odds and ends pictures.

The Territorial Enterprise had just moved to their current location before the fire and the presses in the basement were saved.

This is the John Mackay mansion. He was one of the four partners known as the Bonanza Kings. (click to read their story)

The view from 'C' street.

And of course a chance to pan for gold.

The consolidated mine was actually two mines with a combined shaft.

The Comstock gold mill.

A stagecoach that actually ran in the late 1800's.

Hard to see with the reflection, but that is one enormous geode.

On the way home, past the Gold Hill depot.

Down below is the Gold Hill cemetery.

These are wild free range horses.

We stopped so they could admire us.

This is one of three herds we saw on the way up and back.

That completes my visit to Virginia City, next stop will be Laws California and another ghost town. Before I leave there will be a laundry day and the usual getting ready to travel chores. Still busy enjoying the good life.


  1. What a cool city. Only 890 left...sad.

    Since you are posting today, I am assuming you did not hit gold.

    1. The do have a couple million visitors a year of which about half were there the day I was.
      No, striking gold would have just put me in a higher tax bracket so I didn't even look for it.

  2. If you ever go south on hwy 395 stop in Bishop, CA and visit the Laws Railroad Museum. You would really enjoy it. Great setting, too. Very pretty place.

    1. That's my next stop Russ. (last paragraph above.)

    2. That's what I thought you said, but just wasn't sure. Have a safe trip, and say "hi" to the Sierras for us.

  3. Great place to visit. Yes you are living the good life.

  4. Enjoyed your pictures of Virginia city. Looks like a fun train ride. We love the Laws RR Museum and even became lifetime members. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have in the past.

    1. I'm looking forward to it. Endorsed by you and Russ, it's got to be good.


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