Friday, August 9, 2013

It must be nap time.

This morning I have been busy making preparations for getting under way the first of the week. I went to Walmart to get a few groceries and to refill a couple of prescriptions. After that was finished I headed for Loves fuel stop and topped off the tanks. I am now back in my space until Monday and then I'll be ready to roll.

Last night it turned out that there was no decision on which game to watch. The Bronco's game wasn't televised. They did win and the Cardinals, who I did watch, lost. That is just wrong.

Laundry is still being successfully postponed, but I'm afraid tomorrow is the deadline. I knew I couldn't hold out forever. Well lets face it, without clean clothes it's hard to enjoy the good life.

I just got this followup to yesterdays accident story. This is an interview with a sheriff's deputy who was on scene.


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    1. I've been a fan since I lived in Denver during the Elway era.

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    1. It's amazing enough that it was in European papers this morning.

  3. They were talking about that "Angel Priest" on the radio last night. I guess that is something that happens from time to time, people showing up, helping out, then no one is there. They come from nowhere and then after they have done their good deed, they disappear. Weird, huh?

    1. Someone said yesterday, "for believers no explanation is necessary and for non- believers none will suffice." Sort of sums things up.

  4. We watched the Tribe...they lost. We taped the Browns...they won. Taping is order for the Indians tonight.

  5. Amazing story, so glad the girl made it out alive. It doesn't matter where he came from just glad he came.

    Now make sure you get that dreaded laundry going tomorrow or the good life might take on a bit of smell.

  6. How can you tell it's nap time? Maybe by watching a Cardinals game???


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