Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ely Nevada Day II

This morning I got up and decided to walk down to the Northern Nevada Railway to check out activity. I didn't take the ride because I had just done that three years ago and besides they were running diesel power today and what fun is that? Here is some of what I did see.

The Ely East depot.

Railway Express still on the job.

Todays consist, two parlor cars and an open gondola.

The freight house.

Todays power.

Hooking up.

The yard limit sign.

All ready to go and the crew discussing the plan.

The yard office.

The coaling and water towers.

An old abandoned uptown hotel.

An old business block. I was surprised at how few older buildings there were in town.

Today we will sit and make ready to travel farther north tomorrow. Just part of enjoying the good life.


  1. We road that train last year with steam power. Thanks for the memories.

    1. When I rode it three years ago it was under steam. Now they just run steam on the weekends.

  2. It looks like there isn't much to do in the town but sit back and enjoy the good life.

  3. What an exciting place, I can hardly wait to get there. I'd better remember to arrive during daylight hours or I won't find any sidewalks... ;c)

    1. They do have the railroad and being in Navada there are slots in every bathroom.

  4. Well that reminds me of a town I was in in NM. It took 5 min to see all of it.

    But it is an adventure Right?


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