Monday, June 10, 2013

The last stop in Bluff

I took the walk to the cemetery to get a sense of history in the town. On the way up I came across some ruins that explained the towns roots going back to 650 AD. Here is what I saw.

Information about the great kiva.

The great house site.

What has been excavated and stabilized so far.

I started to get closer to these ruins when something announced it had already claimed this piece of shade. The growl was rather decisive and so I backed off. 

Another one of the towns big houses.

View from the top of cemetery hill.

Another direction.

Some of the graves were marked.

And many weren't.

And a lot of them told sad stories.

And some told sad stories of whole families.

Looking to the North.

And another sad story.

I have made the big circle and have arrived back in Cortez. I have decided to set up a base camp and explore the area from here. There is a lot to see and do to help me enjoy the good life.


  1. Glad you didn't stay there in the cemetery, even though it did have a good view.

    1. Great view for a final resting place, too bad the stick the guest in the ground so they can't see it.

  2. That town goes back to 650 AD! I think it is amazing how they know how to figure that out.

    1. Archaeologist determined that's when the Chacoan culture was present in the area.

  3. Very interesting site. What do you think was growling at you?

    1. I'm not sure, but it wasn't a cat or dog and it was happy with me looking in his house.

  4. I so enjoy visiting cemeteries...I am weird that way.

    I find they have a lot of stories to tell although some are rather sad like you witnessed.

    1. Cemeteries all have a story to tell and remind us how much more difficult things were just one hundred years ago.


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