Monday, June 24, 2013

Mesa Verde Part V

A few shots of the views from the mesa to give you an idea of the terrain. It's beautiful country, but it's hard to figure why the tribes settled there, especially the building of such elaborate structures in the cliff alcoves. When you consider that all of this was done in 100 years and then abandoned it really is a head scratcher.

There you have it, a weeks worth of story from a days worth of adventure. Today I will begin doing some research on my next destination. Just part of my efforts to enjoy the good life.


  1. The only reason I have ever read about the quick exodus was due to the fact that they depleted their resources. Not sure if that is the only reason or now.

    1. With the absence of a written history there is much speculation about what caused the move. Depleted resources is one, another is social/political problems or new opportunities elsewhere are others. My take on it is that they all retired and decided to make like the Winnebago tribe and went full timing.

  2. Having read a little about the ancient ones and seen a few of their places, I formed the opinion that the climate changed a bit in the area and they had to move or starve. The Seminole Canyon Texas dwellers encountered a change in the area toward arid. Their food supply ran low and they had to move. My bet it that in the absence of war type causes that climate and food supply are the culprits for the move.

  3. That sure was rough country. It is a mystery we will never know the answer to but it still makes you want to come up with an answer.

  4. Thank you for the pictures. I like your answer to why they abandoned their dwelling the best. :D

  5. A great resource for understanding this time in history is 'House of Rain--Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest' by Craig Childs. One of those history books that reads like fiction--it's quite a page-turner & one of the few books I'll read again.


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