Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kingman day 3

Well the always dreaded laundry day has arrived again and that is the order of the day. When I finish that, if it hasn't gotten too warm, there is one more museum I want to check out. It doesn't open until 11am and it's about a two mile walk. Not a good thing if the temperature gets too high.

Here are the pictures from the Route 66 Museum. Tracing the history of Route 66 as it passed through the area.

It had to begin somewhere.

Interesting display. I've never seen an ice cart at a railway station. 

Heading west.

Railroads followed the wagon route west.

The dust bowl days pushed many families west on Route 66.

A pretty tough life.

I think I can afford one of these.

A malt shop and one pump gas station.

The Studebaker I can afford. Notice the cooler in the window, very pre-air conditioning..

Another look at the gas station.

During WWII Kingman was a gunnery training base. From the pictures there were quite a few planes on hand.

A mural depicts life on Route 66.

Scenes depicting old Kingman, the Beale Hotel.

The barber shop.

and Mercantile.

Now it's off to the laundry room and a different approach to enjoying the good life.


  1. We got to the museum about 10 minutes before they closed so we didn't have much time to look around. You got more pictures than we did. I've been doing laundry one load at a time because it is just too hot. Taking clothes out of the dryer just about kills me off in this heat. Take care an stay cool.

    1. I keep hearing we are supposed to move north this time of year, guess it's time to get business done and head that way.

  2. Replies
    1. A tour bus load of Germans arrived just as I did and made it fun trying to get pictures.

    2. I don't know if it is the same bus but I have a Rotel Tour bus here in my RV Park also. They came in a couple days ago so it is probably a different bus. I think they have been out and about in the area using small local tour companies.

  3. Nice museum and great pix. Did you enjoying seeing your first RV on display, the ox powered one?

  4. Another great place to take pictures of. I love the displays they have.
    Sorry you had to do the dreaded laundry today. I found those wheels at a second hand store today so I can load the basket on it to haul over.

    1. Well you know how we both love doing laundry. Done for another few days.

  5. I don't know if you could afford that Studebaker in the picture. I think it's a 1950-1951 Studey Commander, nicknamed the "bullet nose". I looked it up and the going price today for these babies is $5000-$50000, depending on condition. And remember, it's USED! You can buy a heck of a used car for

  6. Okay, you've convinced us. The next time we're through Kingman, we're going to visit that museum.


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