Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunset land.

I have returned to the land of the beautiful sunsets and last night was proof of the way the western sky can look. Spectacular.

This morning I joined several of the folks in the office for coffee and donuts. Six people at our table and five us were retired trucks, so once they got started the tales form the road took off. Quite a lively discussion.

Today promises to be a bit better day than the last couple. 80 degrees and no wind. Humidity is reading 1% on the gauge so it should be a day to enjoy as we continue to wait for repairs while enjoying the good life.


  1. I am sure when you get five truck drivers together, it is similar to getting five fishermen together. The longer you talk, the bigger the tale.

  2. Beautiful sunset. You always end up in friendly and sociable campgrounds...good for you!

  3. Keep hoping for more dust in the air, John, it really makes for good sunset pictures! (And that's alright, as long as it stays up there in the air, and doesn't come down into the rig.) Truckers must have an almost unlimited supply of interesting stories to tell. You should record them all and then make a movie, or write a book...make a ton of money...retire...enjoy the good life.

    1. Good idea Russ, but I'm already retired enjoying the good life and a ton of money would just complicate things.

  4. I definitely agree that there were probably a lot of stories going around that table. Most of them were probably very far fetched!!

  5. Nice to not have wind blowing everything to pieces isn't.
    The warm temps will help the good life for sure.

  6. I am so glad the wind has given up for awhile. Warming up but that's okay too. Tales of life on the road - I'm sure some of them were really exciting.

  7. We did make it to 85 today, but that caused the wind to pick up this afternoon.


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