Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Progress has been made this morning. First Chip stop by and gave me the quote on the awning fabric replacement and a decision was made as to which material to go with and the acrylic fabric was ordered. Step one completed. Second an appointment was made for Monday with a shop that has been highly recommended by several friends in the park. This will get the oil pan plug straightened out and the oil change I need. That will put Mel back into shape and ready to travel.

I also placed an order today for new wind cups for the weather station. The normal wind sensor has three cups to catch the wind. Mine had been reduced to one cup, through sun damage and birds wanting to tap dance on the arms when it's not rotating, which I'm sure effects the accuracy. So this morning I ordered a replacement wind cup assembly.

We will go from this (one cup),

To this (three cups). Probably will make a difference in the wind reading.

Speaking of wind, we are again gusting in the 40+ mph range so activity will be limited, but we still will figure out a way to enjoy the good life.


  1. Now that you have three cups, you can have people over for coffee!

    1. Not much coffee until the wind slows down, but it should be fun to watch them chase their cups.

  2. It was an interesting drive from Del Rio to Fort Davis this morning.

  3. I was worried about your oil drain plug issue...glad to hear it will soon be resolved.

  4. Replies
    1. Never thought about it that way, but I guess you're right.

  5. I thinkg the wind here is done on Friday, of course I will be on the road Friday. YAHOO!

    The to take care of my awning.
    Glad your getting more cups.

  6. John, I would be interested in where you ordered the replacement cup and the price. I appear to have the same weather station (Accurite - purchased at Lowe's) and mine has been glued (epoxy)and may need replaced in the future.

    Could you send me an email with the info? Thanks....Paul


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