Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dental day

I started the morning off with a visit to the dentist to have the hygienist pick on me or at least she picked on my teeth. We have completed the procedure and then it was back to the park to do a load of laundry. This time there was a difference though, instead of hanging the clothes back in the closet they were hung and loaded right into the car. PaT's transformation into PaT the mini RV is about complete and I think Monday will be blast off day.

Tonight the NCAA tournament resumes with Indiana playing Syracuse. Should be a good game, but at this point in the tournament we have reached the point where any team is very capable of knocking off any other team.

It is overcast today and we have had off and on sprinkles. Just barely wetting the ground, but around here we count everything that falls from the sky in the form of moisture.

The rest of the day will be spent assembling what will be traveling with me in an attempt to minimize what I forget to take and will need 50 miles down the road. You don't need stuff to enjoy the good life, but it can help.


  1. Big weekend. You are right...anything can happen. Ohio State plays AZ...they better play one of their best games or they will find their selves watching the tourney on the TV!

  2. Before the weekend is over 12 teams are going to be watching to Tournament on TV.

  3. I'm surprised that with all that dental work you have any money left over for gas!

  4. WOW! It is almost Blast Off Day. How exciting for you.

  5. Almost ready to head out - that is so fun. Lots of new adventures this summer.

    1. Any day now. I've got one package of mail to arrive and then it's go time.

  6. How about a picture or showing us how PaT looks outfitted for adventure.


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