Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best for last

Last night we enjoyed one of the best shows of the season with Lindley Creek. The Greer Family presented a wide variety of music from Bluegrass to Country to Gospel. The only problem with last nights show was the number of people who didn't attend. It's sad when the association presents quality entertainment and so many people choose not to attend. Some pictures from last night.

No way we can start without Judy's fine introduction. 

The Greer Family.

Mom Kathie.

Dad John Rob

The kids are Katie and Jase. In all I saw 7 instruments being played. A lot of talent on stage.

Even Kathy's dad Mike came along to record the show.

Check their schedule and if they are appearing anywhere near you they are sure worth a visit.

Basketball tonight as Indiana host Ohio State. Not much chance of getting the Weavers support here. Other than that it should be a quite day while enjoying the good life.


  1. No support from our end. We are hurrying to Stonewall so we can get set up and enjoy the game. I hope it is a good game and we can enjoy the good life also.

  2. When I read your title of saving the best for last, I thought maybe you were the entertainment. I guess not. Oh well, at least you enjoyed yourself .............. again.

    1. Someone who has trouble tuning a radio would not provide much entertainment.

  3. Every one must be all partied out. But it was only one more.

    1. If they don't attend the groups will stop coming.

  4. It's a shame people don't come out and support the groups the park has performing.

    What a game! Looks like we need a "rubber match" on a neutral floor....WOW!


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