Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another good time.

Last night it was time to feed our faces here at J-5 as we were treated to a ham and bean plus cornbread meal.  Let me tell you that was some $4.00 worth of good eating. 

The cooks, busy at work.

The guest, waiting to be served, notice the smiles of anticipation.

Sitting back and enjoying the company on a full belly.
Compliment to the folks that put this together, it sure was good eating.

A big basketball game this afternoon as Indiana goes to Michigan for the last conference game of the season. The outcome will determine this years Big 10 champ.

Not much else happening around here, but we are seeing a few folks head out most every day as the park population dwindles. We still have enough folks left to enjoy the good life though. 


  1. Wow, sure does sound good and the price is definitely right! Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. We had a luau here at our park on Friday (someday I'll get a blog post made)with pulled pork. Park get togethers can really be a lot of fun. Nobody has left our park yet but April 1 will really start emptying out the place. A lot of Canadians heading north.

  3. I think Indiana can win this game and then I can see them having their worst loss of the season. Michigan is 32-1 at home the last 2 year.

  4. I can smell the ham way up here in Houston.

    Watching OSU right now. Lots of BB the next week.

    1. Makes you mouth water doesn't it?
      I could have square eyes by the end of next week with the amount of bb I'll be watching.

  5. We certainly love the cheap meals that we're served at the RV parks. They aren't only cheap but most are really pretty good. No need to buy groceries for sure.

  6. That corn bread looks really good and the rest sounds good too.

    Will you take pictures of PaT when it is all set up?

    1. The whole meal was pretty tasty.
      Yes, when I get PaT ready to go I'll post some pictures.

  7. Yummmm four bucks for a homemade meal? Count me in! Sounds wonderful.

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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