Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catching up

I'm still trying to catch the blog up from all the weekend activity. Monday was entertainment night again in the park and we got to enjoy Jerry Bennet. Jerry is from Nashville Tennessee and has won various F.A.M.E. awards the last few year. We hear a wide variety of music from gospel, to country and western and pop. 

The show is kicked off by Judy.

Jerry entertaining.

When Jerry 'Waltzed across Texas' some of the ladies couldn't keep seated and began to line dance.

Jerry moved to the piano for a couple of numbers.

And he closed with a tribute to the veterans in the audience. I believe Jerry sold more CD's than any other entertainer we've had in the park this year. A testament to how much he was appreciated.

Last night was a huge triumph for the Indiana Hoosiers as they beat #4 Michigan on the road. This puts Indian in the drivers seat in the Big 10, but they've still got some tough games ahead.

Today nothing is planned other than enjoying the good life to the fullest.


  1. That was a great game last night. I love when anyone beats MI, especially on their own court!

  2. Nice to see Judy is still gainfully employed... ;c)

  3. I would have greatly enjoyed the piano music!

  4. hope you don't suffer from Entertainment Withdrawal

  5. You forgot to mention that Mizzou also won last night.

  6. I'm trying to play catch up too! It can be difficult!

    1. Only the lead sled dog is ahead, everyone else is playing catch up.


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