Monday, December 17, 2012

Great day

Today the humidity we had yesterday has left us and we are in for a great day here in the Rio Grande Valley. How about these numbers, temperature 81 degrees, humidity 29% and wind out of the southwest averaging 4 miles per hour. Weather like this necessitated a long two hour walk around the park this morning and required stopping often to visit with the many folks who have come out of their caves to enjoy the day.

With days like this it is no wonder so many people flock to the Valley for the winter. That and a healthy dose of activities seem to keep people younger and more active than their counterparts in the north.

The rest of the day will probably be spent outdoors and will most likely involve some jaw flapping as I continue to enjoy the good life.


  1. Sure sounds good. This northern counterpart is wishing I was somewhere with better weather. Not to be this year but there is always hope for the future.

    1. Active is a good thing and it's so easy to do down here.

  2. You better bottle that weather. The pressures on. It better be that nice we get down there about December 29th.

  3. I think today was the last of the nice days even if it was a little chilly. Snow is on the way for Tucson. Enjoy your great weather.

  4. Send some of that nice weather to Arizona. It's supposed to rain again on Wednesday!

  5. Finally, the weather you've been waiting for. Hope you get a healthy dose of it!


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