Friday, December 21, 2012


The wind has died and after an overnight low of 37 degrees the thermometer is rising back up to the comfortable range. We are currently at 77 degrees and looking at a cloudless sky. Almost a perfect day for the end of the world.

Last nights sleep was a lot more peaceful with the wind dying down and the repairs to the dishwasher were adequate because there was no more problem there either

Today we will be able to get back to walkin' and talkin' as I make a tour of the park to see who is out and about. Later today there are a couple of basketball games to occupy the time while trying to enjoy the good life.


  1. Our weather report for today...WINDY, WINDY, COLD, WINDY, WIND, SNOWING, WINDY....YUCK!

  2. I am happy to report that my world has not ended. Hope you can say the same.

  3. Not only did the world not end with an asteroid hit, it wasn't blown away, either. :c)

  4. Dishwasher repairs?? Are you feeling under the weather?

    1. Judy, you need to read yesterdays blog and you would understand.

  5. Love those temperatures in the high 70's. It makes you want to spend more time outside. When it's cold all we want to do is stay inside and try to get warm. We have a few more hours in the day left to see of all those world ending predictions might come through. However, for some reason ... we kind of doubt it.

  6. I guess we had the same weather today. It was wonderful


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