Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chloride day two

Continuing our amble up Wall Street in Chloride we next came to some adobe walls that are in need of a little attention.

Moving on down the street we have the remains of the Chloride Bank, which went broke before it ever opened as a bank, but it still filled a community need when it opened as a saloon.
The bank has been restored and will open this coming Monday as a restaurant.

Across the street is the Pioneer General store and mercantile.
This is the main attraction of the town 
and here is the information about the store.

Meanwhile their was plenty of rusty stuff outside around the store.

The next building encountered is the Monte Cristo Saloon which also served as a schoolhouse and is currently a gift shop and gallery.

This is the Grafton cabin. Originally built about 8 miles from here and it spent several years in a park in Las Cruces before being returned here in 2006.

This is said to be the first building in Chloride. Also know as the Pye cabin.

Not many outhouses have satellite service, but this one does.

The tour continues tomorrow and for today, more Olympics and baseball as we continue to sit on parts watch, but we are still managing to enjoy the good life.


  1. The Saloon was also the schoolhouse? How in the heck did that work. Schoolhouse during the daylight and saloon at night? HUM..wonder if the high school we taught at might entertain that idea?
    The outhouses with satellite service is unique. Guess one could watch TV rather than read a magazine.
    Anther great tour.

  2. Schoolhouse/saloon = either two different eras or the beginning of multi-tasking.

  3. TV in an outhouse! That's more interesting than reading Popular Mechanics while taking care of business... ;c)


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