Monday, July 16, 2012

Bit the bullet.

This morning I bit the bullet and headed for the laundry room, 2 hours later and my laundry is Downy Fresh and I can shelve that task for a couple of weeks. While waiting for the laundry I spotted a few new old things that have been added to the park. 

Steve got a new truck for his business.

And it's a beauty.

A new commercial coffee pot for those group gatherings.

And a space heater to keep the place warm this winter.

 One other item of note, with my running through Santa Fe New Mexico the other day I have now completed running the entire Santa Fe Trail from Franklin Missouri to Santa Fe New Mexico and I'm sure glad I was able to do it in the air conditioned comfort of Mel. It must have been quite a trip covering those 900 miles in a freight wagon. Here are a couple signs I saw on the trail the other day.

An early reference to the trail.

A tribute to the pioneer women.

Having worked my fingers to the bone (well maybe not quite to the bone) this morning doing laundry I intend to relax this afternoon enjoying the good life from the vantage point of my easy chair.


  1. If you get near Alamogordo NM, let me know, I have a friend there with a converted bus he is finishing. He'd love to talk to you about RVing. What about that Reds/Cards series this weekend? :)

  2. Great sign about the Women on the Trail. They think they endured hardships back then, they need to travel with a man in a MH stuck in traffic!

    1. Maybe we can have a sign made for your motorhome explaining the trials you endure Marsha.

  3. I was going to invite you to pack some boxes. But since you had to do the dreaded laundry I won't ask. Rest up now.

  4. Sorry to hear you had to do such an dirty task like laundry, but at least you came through resonably in one piece. Life is tough sometimes! :c)

    1. In all the folks I've talked to over the year, not one of them has said life would be easy.


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