Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back in the Butte.

This morning I drove the 150 miles to Elephant Butte with a stop at Wal-mart to fill the pantry and I am now set up in my site. Last nights adventure in counting train traffic boggled my mind. From 6 pm until midnight there were 20 trains which, if my calculations are correct, equals a train every 18 minutes. I would say Mountainair New Mexico is on the main line and if you're a train watcher, Mountainair would be the place to go.

The rest of yesterday's pictures from my downtown tour of Las Vegas.
A building that has seen better days, but used to be where the Harvey Girls lived.

The front view of  Fred Harvey's La Castaneda Hotel.

Another view of the front.

Storefronts across from the depot.

The commission house adjacent to the depot.

The history of the depot.

A side view of the La Castaneda hotel.

The La Castaneda facing the tracks. What a shame such a beautiful building sits empty.

The La Castaneda south wing.

The depot from track side.

Early picture of activity at the depot.

The round house which is still standing.

A Fred Harvey tour in front of the hotel.

The building on the right is the El Fidel hotel built in 1923. On the left is the Masonic Temple built in 1895 and is said to be the finest surviving example of Richardsonian Romanesque  style in New Mexico.

The patio area at El Fidel hotel. 

My time in Las Vegas was limited to the downtown area. Returning to explore the Plaza area is still on the bucket list. As for the rest of the day, just a bit of visiting and some relaxing while enjoying the good life.


  1. Replies
    1. I was able to find it coming from another direction, good for me, huh.

  2. Now you can REALLY begin to enjoy the good life!

    What does this mean...The rest of yesterday's pictures from Las Vegas. I don't see any pictures.

    1. Your too quick, I posted before the pictures were all downloaded. Itchy trigger finger syndrome.

  3. I have seen some of these old railroad hotels restored. I hope this one will have its day too.

    1. It would be such a shame for that building to just fall apart. What a waste.


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