Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Internet problems.

The internet has decided to become flaky today and the band width has been reduced so today's post will be short and to the point. The fire has again increased overnight for 152,000 acres to 170,000 acres and this morning the winds have pushed the smoke to the south of us. We expect as the day advances the wind will move the smoke to the north of us and at some point that means it will be right over the top of us for part of the day. Some shots to our south and west.

Today's excuse for lack of action will be....air quality, at least for now, if I come up with a better excuse I'll get back to you. Still I will be enjoying the good life today unless we totally run out of oxygen.


  1. Wonderful but very sad photos. Hope they get that under control very very soon.

  2. They are starting to address the problem, but still expect the fire to continue to grow.

  3. Its very scary to see the pictures. It brings back our fires of last summer.

    When are you planning to pull out. Weren't you heading to home?

    1. We are still waiting for parts to repair the damage done by the blowout. We are still having problems with Jayco supplying what we need. I will be in Hannibal for my 50th high school reunion at the end of the month. We might have to make temporary repairs to get me there and back.


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