Friday, April 13, 2012

Full day

Todays schedule is booked solid. Today is the home opener for the Saint Louis Cardinals and all the ceremonies that go with it will require my full attention. Besides it looks like rain which is just another excuse for staying in and watching the weather roll by. 

Things in the park are pretty quite and we are still waiting for the parts to come in to finish the repairs to Mel. All the parts are on the way and checking shipping it looks like everything will arrive the first of next week.

Time now to watch the warm up for opening day with interviews with Cardinal legends. What a way to enjoy the good life.


  1. Have a great day John!! I took a nice long nap. Ahhhhh.

  2. Hope the game went well for you.
    Maybe by time the repairs are done you won't have much more of a wait to leave.

    1. The game didn't go well, but the skylight arrived today and will be installed tomorrow. Getting closer to departure.

  3. My Reds game didn't go well either. Its a frustrating game at times, especially when the manager is Dusty Baker.


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