Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another day of ballgames

Yesterday was another full day of basketball capped by my Indiana Hoosiers pulling one out of the fire. Most of the second half they were down, once by nine points, and they didn't gain the lead until the last minute of the game. They made a real nail biter out of the game. Next week they will have a rematch with Kentucky whom they beat earlier in the season on a last minute shot. What is it they say, "here we go again".

Today we have a few more games in store to occupy our afternoon. This will help offset the lack of activities here in the park now that it is slowly turning into a ghost town. No matter, we will still be enjoying the good life,


  1. Passed through Elletsville today on our way home from French Lick. Thought of you and wanted to say hi.

  2. Today wasn't much of a TV day for me. It was the same shows over and over again. Its time to get out of the house even if it is just grocery day.

  3. I got out a few times to walk between games. I was starting to get cabin fever.


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