Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yesterday's trip to Zapata was a long enjoyable day. We left Mission at 8:00 am and after a stop for breakfast in Rio Grande City we arrived in Zapata a bit after 11:00. From the arrival point until we left around 5:00 it was a whirlwind of visiting with folks all over the park. I was able to see most of the folks I wanted with just a couple of exceptions. Then it was out to supper a a local restaurant with Harley and Annis my old neighbors. The day was too short and the visits to brief, but it will have to tide me over until the next time. Now for the bad new, the pictures that were taken yesterday disappeared in a flash as the processing from camera to computer began and they lost forever in a vacuum of  space.

This morning we headed back to the Flea market at Don-Wes and we arrived after a leisurely gourmet breakfast at McDonalds. You just can't hardly beat a greasy sausage patty, with runny eggs and a shredded potato slab breakfast.

At the flea market the new hat was retrieved and it's now been placed in service.

Now we are back home and the rain has finally found us and it is actually raining hard enough to disrupt the satellite TV picture. We are gong to use the rest of the afternoon to stay dry and enjoy the good life.


  1. Mike, you were one of the exceptions I was talking about. Maybe next time is right.

  2. It is always nice to visit with friends. Seems like you had a good trip back to Zapata. Sorry your pictures were lost in cyberspace.

    I was under the impression YOU were going to model your new hat.

  3. The idea was to show off the new hat, not to detract from it, MsBelnda. No one has ever accused me of being model like.

  4. Cool hat. Visiting your friends seemed like a good day for Living the good life.

    That's really to bad about your pictures, but that's a good excuse to go back and do it all again.

  5. Sorry about the pics, but the hat is cool!


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