Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Entertaining entertainment

Last night we were entertained by the Greer Family also known as Lindley Creek Bluegrass and quite a show it was. The group is the exception to the J-5 policy of only having a group every other year in that, by popular demand, they have preformed for the last three years and are already scheduled for next year. Their popularity was evidenced by the full house and the accolades from the audience.

The Greer family l. to r. Mom Kathie, daughter Katie, Dad John, son Jase and son Tate.

When we widen out we find an addition to the family on the keyboards. This is Kelsi, the very recent bride of Tate. She is a very talented keyboard player and she said her talent sure helped her through the audition to get into the family.

The newlyweds preform together.

The music included country, bluegrass and gospel, but they also managed to work in a Beach Boy number. Their show was fast paced and upbeat and from comments, enjoyed by all.

Yesterdays other event was a visit with fellow blogger Barney, a lunch and a quick tour of a couple of RV parks the Barney wanted to see. The picture below is not lunch, But the Weinermobile was in town which is a can't miss highlight of anyone's day.

Today no activities are on the agenda for today so we will see what comes our way. For sure we will enjoy the good life.


  1. Thought that was a picture of Roger's new truck !

  2. Nice entertainment.
    I really didn't want you to share the weather with us.
    I guess thats what I get for being a smarty about how good ours was last week.

    1. Our weather cleared today and we are back in the 70's. It seems like we both can't have good weather at the same time.


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