Sunday, February 26, 2012

A day at the museum.

After the car show we spent a part of the afternoon at the Museum of South Texas History in Edinburg and here is some of what we saw.

A simulated railroad office.

An explanation of how the canal system worked in the Rio Grande Valley.

Early transportation.
Farming the Valley

The leaders of the Mexican Revolution

The evolution from blacksmith to auto repairs.

Railroad express grew south Texas.

An actual hanging room. One hangings was actually held here.

 A history of the ghosts in the building.
Icons painted on wood.

A statue in someone's garden.

A statue in the garden of the museum.

A garden sundial which wasn't working while we were there. Lack of sun breaks sundial.

The museum.

The jail, the hanging room was in the tower.

A windmill in the museum garden. 

The lobby of the museum.

Roger takes a ride on the sawhorse pony.

Roger exits the horse to the right. Bad cowboy.

An early inhabitant of the Valley.

Another old-timer.

A diorama illustrating early life in the valley.

The rest of the family.

And who they were. 

Watching from above.

An early camp.

Steamboats impact in the Valley. 

An early ranch house.


More transportation.

Yesterday was well spent being educated about the history of south Texas. Today there are no plans. We did start the morning with no water in the park, but this has been corrected. I do have a ball game to watch at noon. After that how we enjoy the good life is up for grabs.


  1. Hey thanks for taking us along to the museum. Enjoyed the tour. Couldn't they put fresh batteries in that sundial or something....

    1. They should have put an out of order sing on it, at least. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out the time.

  2. Neat day out there, spending a day in history...cept for the hanging room - gulp!

    1. Was an interesting day. The hanging room was only used once, 100 years ago and it wasn't for a relative of mine, so it was ok.

  3. Nice day you had and nice pictures. But most places don't allow picture taking are yours legal? If not I'm tellin.

    1. Signs all over the place saying no photography. I requested permission at the desk and was told no problem. Go figure.


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