Friday, January 6, 2012


We are in another nice day around here and I have been busy all morning thinking of all the things than need to be done before leaving. Thinking is the operative word because although much energy has been expended in thinking what needs to be done no actual energy has been used to accomplish anything. I'm going to have the quit thinking about these sort of things because the more I think the longer the list grows.

Last night I did watch the Indiana Hoosiers beat another nationally ranked team when they played Michigan. Indiana is currently 14 and 1 and they have already have won more games than they did all of last season.

Today I plan on doing no more thinking, lest I do serious damage and if a burst of energy passes by I might latch onto it and begin the chores, but then again...why do today what can be put off until tomorrow. At least I will be enjoying the good life.


  1. it doesn't take any energy for you to just think??? That's what takes the energy here just thinking about what I need to do...but then I am older than you so maybe that's the difference!!! marie

  2. Take it easy today. Thinking can be such a strain!

  3. I think you should take the day off and enjoy the good life. I agree maybe tomorrow

  4. When do you plan to move? Where are you going?

  5. "why do today what can be put off until tomorrow."

    I could not agree more...and this is coming from a hardcore procrastinator.


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