Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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If you want to hear some top notch bluegrass, gospel music I would recommend a stop in southern Missouri or you can do like we did and have southern Missouri come to us in the form of The Punches Family from Fredericktown, Missouri.

This family is a a very talented group that travels the US throughout the year  preforming their gospel/bluegrass music. Last night we were in for an additional treat.
The show was fast paced with a wide selection of tunes being played and it wasn't long before they had the audience tapping their toes along with the music.
You can see from the smiles that these folks enjoy their work and make no mistake this is work. Imagine a life of a new location every night. Dragging out the equipment and setting up, preforming for a couple of hours and then packing up only to repeat the steps the next night, that's what these folks do and they still radiate joy.
So what do you do if you get a night off? Well if your Hannah (the young lady in the middle) and a member of the Harper Family you join your cousins for an evenings entertainment.
A little craziness thrown in including a visit from
Guitarzan and you do have to go back a ways to remember that song.

After all this entertainment and with the show winding up the extra bonus of the evening was sprung. The question of what do hard working musical groups do when they finally get a night off was answered. For the the adult members of the Harper Family and the Lindley Creek Bluegrass it was go see a country music show. There are some family ties here, but it was still nice of them to take a bus mans holiday. 

To wrap the show up father Bruce of the Punches managed to get them all on stage for a final number.
Three of the top gospel/bluegrass groups in the Rio Grande Valley joined up to make some really spectacular music to close out the show. It was a triple treat and really big ending to a great show.

Note: to my friends in the Hannibal area, The Punches Family will be at the Free Methodist Church on April 1st at 10:00 am. Highly recommended.

Today we have already had a 12" rain ( the drops were 12" apart) so this might end up being the dreaded laundry day. It still another way to enjoy the good life.


  1. WOW! Now that sounds like my kind of evening. Love to see family groups singing together. Listened to some clips online and those are some really talented folks. Love the pickin' and strummin'!!

  2. It is nice when family's can have so much fun together. Great talent there as well.

    The dreaded laundry day again? Well if its rianing might as well get it done. Just think how good you will smell.

  3. Jo, I was able to effectively postpone the laundry, maybe tomorrow.


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