Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We are enjoying another fine day here in the south part of Texas. Current temp is 72 and a 15 mph breeze out of the south so we are heading for a mid 70 to 80 degree day. This morning I was engaged in doing some chores. Yes even with wheel estate there are chores to be done. I don't have to mow grass or shovel snow, but this  mornings chores involved dumping the waste water tanks and filling the household batteries. If we have this sort of day tomorrow then I will be airing up the tires. All this activity is in anticipation of making a move to a new location next week. I'll talk more about that later in the week.

Now for the rest of today I expect to wander aimlessly about the park in search of other living souls that don't play golf for the sole purpose of engaging in tongue waging that could result in the solving of the world problems. This effort should make it easier for us all to enjoy the good life


  1. When I read the title I was afraid it was the dreaded laundry day for you.

    I often wonder what excitement one gets day after day smacking a little white ball around? I guess its like other hobbies or interests.

    Hope you found some people to solve the worlds problems with.

  2. Most of the worlds problems were solved if folks would just listen to us.

  3. Don't forget to change the air in your tires while you're at it!!

    My dear nephew (God rest his soul) used to say only partly in jest that the world would be better off if everyone would just do what he told them. SIGH! Perhaps a benevolent dictatorship by committee of the RVing community might just be the answer!! (as long as there are no required Board Meetings)


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