Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last night we had some actual rain in the area. My gauge measured 0.04" (that's 4 one hundredths of an inch which almost wets the ground. We are still under cloudy skies and the winds are out of the south, gusting to 30 mph. Today's adjustment was to pull in the slide to keep the slide topper canvas from flopping in the breeze. Other than than we are just taking the day as it comes our way. Management has scheduled a burn a dog event tonight. Burn a dog is a hot dog roast, we'll see how the weather effects that.

My friends down in Zapata now have water flowing again despite the objections of management. The pipes were fixed yesterday afternoon, but management wanted to wait until next Tuesday to turn water back on so it could be tested. The judge ordered it back on and sent folks around house to house to test the water. They then had a meeting with the homeowners, commissioner and judge in the rec hall, but management refused to attend. It sounds like it's a real  happy atmosphere down there.

The weekend is in full gear and there will be plenty of sports to enjoy and as long as we don't get blown away we will be enjoying the good life.


  1. That's some managment down there. I know your glad to be gone.

    As long as there are games being played I guess the ladies will have parties! Yaaaaa


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