Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No sun

Again we are faced with a no sun day and cool temperatures. Rain is in the forecast, but so far no sign of it. I will have to say this has been the longest stretch of cloudy weather I have seen since I started coming to south Texas five years ago. I will also say the result has been that I have done more reading this year that in previous years as a result of the weather. 

Yesterday a reader from Arizona wrote to advise me that there were a couple of grocery stores here in Falfurrias and I didn't have to travel the 40 miles to Kingsville. I just wanted to let the reader know that I'm aware of what is in Falfurrias and neither the HEB or Cantus stores are much more than convenience stores and their parking lots aren't set up for RV's. Besides the ultimate purpose of driving to Kingsville is to give Mel some exercise and circulate the fluids.  

Today I will continue to work on improving my skills at doing nothing while enjoying the good life.


  1. I think a big part of the state is without sun. At least you have shore power. My blogger friends down in Terlingua have depleted their solar power reservesnand have had to turn to using their generators with the associated high cost of gasoline in that region.

    Have a nice drive to Kingsville.

  2. BTW where was the picture you have on your blog taken? It's pretty.

  3. The header picture was taken on Highway 52 between Elephant Butte and Winston New Mexico.

  4. I hope you succeeded in doing nothing today.

  5. Jo, I'm getting very practiced and doing nothing.

  6. Focus....on doing nothing! Good advice for the New Year, Joe.


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