Thursday, June 9, 2011

More company

This morning, as I was emptying my holding tanks a fellow stopped on the the road behind me and asked for directions. The comedian turned out to be Angelo who was my neighbor in Zapata Texas last winter. Angelo and his wife Judy live here in the Bowling Green area and we had planned to get together for supper next week, but he was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by for a visit.  We spent the mornig visiting  and catching up on what we had been doing since we last saw one another.

Today we are under a 30% chance of thunderstorms with a 50% chance tomorrow. Maybe we will get some relief from these hot humid temperatures. Yesterday we made it to 97 degrees and there is another 90 degree day on tap for today and to think last week we couldn't get out of the 60's. Such is the life of a professional homeless person.

Today will be a very simple day waiting to see who next knocks on my door while enjoying the good life.

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