Thursday, June 2, 2011

Midwest welcome

Last night after arriving in Smith Center Kansas and getting set up the first order of business was to program the weather radio with the local channels. Then the weather bureau began to give the radio a real workout. There were at least 20 tone alerts during the evening. We had thunderstorm watches, we had tornado watches, we had hail watches and then the warnings began. We had several thunderstorm warnings at at least three tornado warnings. During all these warnings several cells moved through depositing 3.44 inches of rain and three of the cells contained hail. No apparent damage was done to Mel, but it made an interesting welcome for us getting back to the Midwest. The radio finally fell silent about midnight and silence reigned supreme.

Today we will continue to proceed east, but at a slower pace to let the weather move on out ahead of us. I did realize last night that hail stones on the roof is not a way to enjoy the good life.


  1. No hail stones are no fun and the roof. Kind of sounds like some one is shooting a machine gun at you.LOL
    Hope you run into better weather soon.

  2. No sleeping in a hail storm, that's for sure.


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