Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Katie

Today I want you to meet Katie my 13 year old great-niece and the reason for yesterdays going away party.

Katie was born with a serious problem in her left leg and for the last 13 years she and her parents have seen specialists all over the country in an effort to find a solution. Katie has endured testing, prodding, poking and pain during all these years, but always with her beautiful smile shinning through. The last year has been particularly difficult since she has been relegated to crutches or a wheelchair 100% of the time and no solution was in sight. So the decision was made to rid Katie of this anchor and let her get on with her life. Friday her leg will be amputated above the knee and yesterday about 100 family members and friends gathered to give that leg a going away party and to celebrate Katie's new beginning. 

 A pinata in the shape of a leg was beaten severely by the kids until it yielded its treasure.

And of course what party would be complete without a cake, this one just happens to be in the form of a leg.

If you ever want an example of a positive attitude feel free to look toward Katie as a glowing example and if you have a moment on Friday a little prayer would be appreciated. Katie has figured out that in spite of problems that come our way we can still enjoy the good life.

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