Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good evening

Yesterday went well. Mel was in and out of the shop in an hour and everything is functioning as it should on the slide. It seems a pin had come out of the slide gear mechanism and the gear was spinning freely instead of engaging the slide. Chalk another one up to the roads of America.

Last nights gathering of the Alumni of MHS was well attended and of course the class of  '62 was the best represented of the bunch. We had half our surviving members join us for a great evening.

Our entire graduating class represented on one poster board.
 30 Graduates 
26 still surviving
13 present last night = priceless.

 Some of last nights group.

And some more of the folks.

Today's plan was to attend a local baseball game, but we have already had one thunderstorm pass through the area and it looks like they are lined up to the west, so the day hangs in the balance. No matter what the weatherman brings we will still manage to enjoy the good life.


  1. WOW such a small class. We had 501 in my graduating class at Pasadena HS.

  2. Glad your enjoying all the activity and hope the game went on.

  3. Your class survival rate is so much better than my class of '60. I went to my 50th reunion last October and about 25% of the class in known to have died. But we also had 50% or more or the survivors show up for the reunion. It was my first one and probably my last.


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