Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Chloride

Here are a few more pictures of the Chloride area that I took during my recent visit.

This sign explains the history available in the Elephant Butte area.

The Apache Indians that inhabited the area weren't to keen on the white folks moving into their neighborhood.

This is the well traveled Grafton cabin. It was originally built in Grafton, NM and then disassembled and moved to Las Cruces in 1976. It recently found its way back to Chloride, just a few miles from where it was was originally built.

This is the Monte Cristo gift shop and art gallery. Originally it was a dance hall among other uses.

Even the outhouse has been modernized. 

Some of the original merchandise inside the store/museum.

This is the Pye cabin, the first cabin built in town by the miner who's silver discovery started it all.

Some early mining equipment that is located around the town.

Today I will be traveling to the town of Hillsboro with Loren and his wife Marilyn to check things out there and eat some bumbleberry pie (whatever that is). I also have some more pictures of my trip to Chloride that will be posted later. So it looks like another day of enjoying the good life.


  1. All that stuf was built to last. I love the beams.

  2. That satellite dish on the outhouse is hilarious :-)

  3. Gypsy, the folks in Chloride are enjoying their little joke. Lots of comments.


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