Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy day.

Yesterday I left Tucumcari New Mexico on the way to Dalhard Texas to have Mel's alignment corrected. I arrived about 1 pm and let them know I was there for my Wednesday appointment. They were nice enough to go on and take care of me without waiting overnight and by 4 pm I was in the shop and out by 5:30 pm. There was no place to spent the night in Dalhart so I headed north. I finally stopped about 8 pm in Lamar Colorado at the Wal-mart and came on into Seibert Colorado arriving this morning about 10 am. The roads north out of Dalhart were so rough that I was unable to tell if the alignment had done any good.. As a matter of fact they were so rough that the light fixture above the computer broke loose and was swinging by just the wires. This required a stop for an on the road repair job. Fortunately even in its swinging around suspended by its wires nothing was broken or otherwise damaged.

Today's weather is not ideal, it's 49 degrees and overcast with thunderstorms in the forecast. I did miss a big storm last night that included a round of hail and an inch of rain.

At least now I have a decent Verizon signal so I can show the rest of the pictures from Hillsboro.

 This is part of  the main street. We were fortunate enough to arrive for sidewalk (mostly junk) days.

 This is the post office. Hillsboro is not quite a ghost town, they have a couple of hundred souls still residing there.

 This is the home of 'bumbleberry pie.

 A unique bench outside of the cafe.

 More of the sidewalk sale.

 The automotive part of the sale.

 Stepping into the post office was like stepping back into time.

 They still use the combination lock boxes which I had only seen previously in museums.

 This is the local museum. Loren has been to Hillsboro many times, but has yet to find the doors open. What's inside will remain a mystery.

They did have some old machinery sitting outside for us to view.

It looks like today will be spent hunkered down waiting for the weather to improve. I do have a replay of yesterdays Cardinals game to watch that I missed while on the road. Even in bad weather we can still enjoy the good life.

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