Thursday, April 28, 2011

So what happened

Yesterday was a long, long day. My link to the outside world was cut when the Verizon 4g system went down at 2:15 am. My neighbors, who are also on Verizon, but on the 3g system, had service all day. What I found out was that even though my system will revert to 3g if 4g is not available it requires authorization through the 4g network. The outage was nationwide and service was finally restored about midnight. Yesterdays lesson was how much I rely on the internet in day to day living.

While I was idling away yesterday I decided to have Mel washed. My friends, Dave and Debbie, have started an RV washing business and I thought it was a good opportunity to support the cause and get Mel spruced up. Here are a couple of pictures of the two of them hard at work hand washing Mel. 

I will have to say that after they were finished Mel was looking very proud.

Today, so far, the winds are calm and everything is nice and peaceful. I'm going to take advantage of the day and get out and enjoy the good life.


  1. it also makes your blog friends worry about you....marie

  2. It also bothered me not to post. That's the first day I missed since I started doing the blog.


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