Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another work assignment

After yesterdays busy day of supervising projects next door I decided a walk to the office to pick up mail was in order. Wouldn't you know it on the way to the office I spotted Dave and Debbie busily engaged in washing a 5th wheel for the park manager. Of course the need for me to supervise kicked in and it wasn't until after I saw that they were doing a more than fine job that I was able to proceed on to the mail room, a delay of almost an hour.Todays mail has brought more work in my direction. The license plate tabs that will allow Mel another years use of the highways arrived from South Dakota and this will require additional labor to place them in the required place on the the plates. Because I've already used up todays quota of work time I will postpone this project until tomorrow.

This afternoon will be spent watching the Cardinals play a double-header after last nights rain out and while I'm at it I'll go on and enjoy the good life. 

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