Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Activity a plenty

This mornings burst of energy was directed towards rearranging the dust inside of Mel with an objective of relocating the majority of it to the outside where it came from. The effort might have been an exercise in futility however as the wind continues to blow. Apparently 30 mile per hour winds were just a warm-up because today someone thinks we might enjoy 50+ mile an hour winds, at least that's the prediction. If that turns out to be the case I'm sure there will be another layer of dust inside Mel waiting my next burst of energy. In all honesty bursts of energy are not necessarily all that common since retirement. 

Yesterday I won a small battle with RV Parts Country. I decided to place an order for a new surge protector for Mel. The old one was still working, but it had developed a rattle that sounded suspiciously like a nut floating around loose inside. My thinking was a piece of metal floating around inside an electrical device was not a good idea. After due diligent research a Progressive Industries model #EMS-30c was decided on and I went to my favorite RV parts supplier, RV Parts Country and checked their price. It turns out their price was at $318.00 was higher than the manufacturers suggested price of $309.00 and considerably higher than three other sources I found at $259.00. After much correspondence back and forth I was able to have the price lowered to $258.00 and the new surge protector is on the way. A big thank you to RV Parts Country which are real stand-up folks and will continue to get my business.

The rest of todays efforts will be devoted to the continued reading of Mark Twain's Roughing It  which is a look at his adventures in the western United States. This is a good alternative to standing outside in a 50 mph wind while trying to enjoy the good life.


  1. I am also in the market for a surge protector. I'll be checking out your choice. It sure is much cheaper than the ones I saw at my local Camping World.

  2. The model number in my blog is a link to the description of the surge protector I bought. Double click it and you'll be at the product description.

  3. When it comes to setting suggested retail prices, I believe most if not all work on the PI system. They take the actual cost of manufacturing their item and multiply by 3.1416 to find the suggested sales price. That is why they can give a 50% price cut and still make money.


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