Friday, March 11, 2011

The road not taken

This mornings walk led to the boat launch area and a path that wasn't taken yesterday. Today we decided to see where it led.

Along the path was evidence of the use of the path by wild animals of some type. 

At the end of the path we were rewarded by a nice view of the tidal flats area.

We also found the secret location of the birds meeting place.

The meeting was well attended by small birds

and large ones of several varieties. 

Along the way we also viewed some wild flowers emerging from their winter nap.

There were more than one variety showing their stuff.

One last view of the meeting from another vantage point.

Last night the temperature dropped into the 40's, but it has warmed up nicely this morning. Along with the warming have come the winds and this afternoon is supposed to be gusty so it's good to have the walk out of the way. This afternoon will be spent simply enjoying the good life.

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  1. There is another "wilderness" path out to the south in the park. Start at left side of the waste treatment station as you approach the WTS and follow it around back to near the back of the park. It comes out in the "new" section you are parked in.


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