Friday, February 25, 2011

No wind

Last night the wind finally died down to nothing. This allowed the moisture in the air to turn into fog, so we woke up this morning with a heavy fog to get the day started. The fog was thick enough that it was condensing on the tree next to Mel and all through the night there was a steady drip, drip, drip designed to entertain me. 

Trying to find the water through the fog.

My neighbor pulled out this morning. He is one of those diesel truck owners that believes in idling his truck for a half an hour before moving it, even though today's manuals caution against excessive idling. The good thing was when they finally did leave they took their little yapper of a dog with them. Quiet reigns.

They say no news is good news. Well, yesterday that was the case, I got some news and it wasn't good news. My son, Dan from Denver, was on a golf outing to Laughlin Nevada and has been troubled with what he thought was a respiratory infection the last couple of weeks. He saw a doctor before he left Denver and was prescribed something to treat the symptoms. When he got to Laughlin it finally got to the point where he couldn't tolerate it any more and sought additional medical advice. Well, long story short, he ended up in ICU at the local hospital with clots in his lungs.  They are now running test to determine the cause. The results will determine my actions in the next few weeks.

Ending up in the hospital is not a good way to enjoy the good life.

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  1. John,
    Please know our prayers are with you and your family. We ask that you please continue to update us on how Dan is doing. Thank you! God Bless you and your family! Always, Sal & Shel


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