Monday, February 21, 2011

Holiday schedule

Today the team is observing the holiday schedule. Only a trained observer would notice the difference from our regular schedule, because the differences are so subtle. However the team knows the difference and is acting accordingly.

This morning I was evaluating the SeaWind RV park and have come to the conclusion that the team will be moving on when my month here is up. The park is nice and clean, but there are a few negatives. The first is that the internet service is spotty. I have two choice here, the park WIFI and my Verizon air card. Both come and go and the speeds vary from very fast to a snails pace. The second drawback is that this is not a 55+ park and is more family oriented. This includes the daily arrival of the school bus and lots of commotion on weekends. An additional factor are the winds which continue to blow at a steady pace all the time. None of these factors is a deal breaker, but the search for Eden, which might be just around the corner, will continue.

Today's activities will be limited because of the holiday schedule, however we will find time to enjoy the good life.


  1. I had no trouble with my aircard running well when I was there. Now that you mention it, I too am finding that I prefer 55+ parks. I roll on Thursday morning.

  2. Verizon is jumping from 3G to 1x and signal comes and goes, 1 bar to 3 bars. I think they must be having a problem.

  3. My Sprint aircard was doing that yesterday here in Rockport. It is normally dead steady fast here.


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